Hearth & Home Technologies
The expertise to turn ideas into INDUSTRY STANDARDS

If an idea is to evolve into a product that shifts the market, it must successfully complete many steps. The innovation must pass rigorous tests in the Reliability Lab at corporate headquarters. Then the Marketing Group must translate the technology into a product that offers true benefits. Before that product reaches consumers, it is again lab-tested extensively under a variety of simulated conditions.

This thorough process can take up to two years. All of the upfront verification, however, pays off later in product quality and reliability. In fact, Hearth & Home Technologies' products enjoy what may be the lowest service call rate in the fireplace industry. By questioning and testing every innovation, we uphold the integrity of our brands.

Our commitment to quality extends to the manufacturing process within each of our four facilities. For example, our plants are certified to the most recent ISO 9001 standards. Although each location focuses on a different set of core competencies, quality managers at each location share and implement best practices. The result is greater economies of scale and continued leadership in the industry.