Member Owner Culture

Each of our employees is an owner. We trust them to make key decisions, expect them to grow professionally and empower them to move our business forward. Our member-owner culture ensures everyone shares in our company’s success and is rewarded for their efforts through a robust profit-sharing program and career development opportunities.

What our member-owner culture means

Corporate Testimonial

Manufacturing Testimonial

At Hearth & Home Technologies, we’re proud to say we’ve never had employees. Since our founding, we have believed the people driving our company forward should be called "members." Our strong culture of ownership, and a sense of shared responsibility for the success of the company, is a key element to our success. In our unique and powerful member-owned environment, each member has the opportunity to participate in making our business better.

“Our culture remains our greatest strength. Every HNI member is empowered, accountable, and respected. Our culture drives our behaviors, and our behaviors drive better outcomes – outcomes that matter to our customers and shareholders.”

President and CEO of HNI, Stan A. Askren